SDU Low-cost 3D Scanning + 3D Printing

One of the means to produce printable models is to scan an already existing object that can later be reproduced. 3D scanners capture the geometry of a physical object by making hundreds of thousands of measurements. The result of a 3D scan is usually a point cloud or a polygon mesh. One simple way to obtain a 3D scan is to hack common devices such as the Kinect controller from Microsoft ©. The Kinect was meant to be an inexpensive input device to control games and other applications for the Xbox console using only the movements of the body, but it was quickly adapted and transformed into a simple low-cost 3D scanner. The way the Kinect works is by shooting an infrared point cloud over an area, and then using an infrared camera it sees how much this points have shifted in comparison to a unique calibration pattern. The Kinect's rather low resolution is ideal for DIY 3D printing, and the models obtained with it can easily be printed with minor modifications.
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